Ascended Master Teachings

The Great Divine Director

In answer to Morya and Saint Germain, the Cosmic Councils have released the Dispensation of The Temple of The Presence. At the present time, the Ascended Masters have designated Monroe Julius Shearer and Carolyn Louise Shearer as Their Anointed Representatives® to the outside world. As with their predecessors in this spiritual Office, Monroe and Carolyn have been preparing for this mission for several embodiments. After training separately in this lifetime, they were brought together in 1993 and received full Sponsorship from the Great White Brotherhood for their public service through The Temple of The Presence in May 1995, when the first Dictation was delivered through them - from Ascended Master Morya.

Ascended Master Morya El and Ascended Master Saint Germain are principal Sponsors for The Temple of The Presence, together with the Our Beloved Maha Chohan, Lord Maitreya, Gautama Buddha, and the Seven Holy Kumaras. The Messengers deliver Discourses and Dictations directly from the Masters who are Themselves present in Their Ascended Bodies. The Release of Light that takes place on these occasions surpasses all previous experience of those in attendance. Those who have been privileged to take part in the implementation of this new Dispensation have been blessed beyond measure by the Opportunity to work with our Ascended Brothers and Sisters and receive Their very Personal Instruction.

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